COVID-19 vaccines are not going to give you COVID-19

  • The person in question got the vaccine and had a significant immune response with those unpleasant side effects and concluded that they have COVID-19.
  • The patient contracted COVID-19 before they got the vaccine and the vaccine failed to provide adequate protection to prevent them from getting the disease (possible given the long incubation period, especially if there was only time for one dose).
  • The person got the vaccine and generated a protective response but contracted some unrelated infection that they decided was COVID-19
  • You can get a nasal spray vaccine which contains a live virus but it has been adapted to grow very poorly in humans and cannot cause disease. If somehow this virus was found to be the cause of a true case of influenza, it would reflect a SEVERE immunodeficiency on the part of the patient.
  • Alternatively, the injection vaccine contains no live flu virus. It contains the major proteins that the immune system responds against from flu but there is no intact virus in there.



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Edward Nirenberg

Edward Nirenberg


I write about vaccines here. You can find me on Twitter @enirenberg and at (where I publish the same content without a paywall)