Key concepts for gene therapy. Gene therapy aims to (a) replace the function of a…

Recently I’ve seen a surge in concerns that the COVID-19 vaccines are gene therapy. I am not sure what the source is, and furthermore whether or not COVID-19 vaccines are gene therapy is irrelevant for questions about their safety or effectiveness. But, regardless, COVID-19 vaccines are NOT gene therapy.


Global prevalence of the Kappa variant via

I have written at length about the prospect of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in COVID-19 before here, but recently some individuals have seized on a Letter to the Editor by Yahi et al. published in the Journal of Infection which notes the presence of infection-enhancing antibodies, wherein those individuals imply (or…

Edward Nirenberg

I write about vaccines here. You can find me on Twitter @enirenberg and at (where I publish the same content without a paywall)

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